How to Choose the Best Dining Room Paint Color

How to Choose the Best Dining Room Paint Color

According to studies, there are 100 levels of yellow-blue and an equal number of red-green. Since the human eye can also see about 1000 shades of light, this implies that there are over ten million color hues.

With such a broad category, selecting the right dining room paint color may be challenging. However, if you don’t pick the correct one, the area may appear dull or unattractive. Wrong paint colors can also conflict with your furniture, fittings, and décor, making the room lack balance.

Are you wondering how to pick the best color to improve your dining room’s aesthetic? Read on for a comprehensive guide on identifying the best shade based on your desires, style, functionality, and preference.

1. Consider the Mood You Want to Set

The first factor you should consider before painting a dining room is the mood you want to set. Selecting a cool color, such as a light shade of blue, can create a soothing effect.

On the other hand, brighter shades like yellow can evoke happiness and excitement. More colors and the mood they can create in your dining area are:

  • Green: Calming effect associated with nature
  • Red: Energy, and excitement
  • Purple: Royalty and creativity
  • While: Cleanliness and purity
  • Brown: Stability and security

Another paint option that is ideal for your dining room is orange. This eccentric color can stimulate a warm and welcoming feeling and give an energetic vibe. Using it can also brighten up the mood during meals and encourage socialization.

2. Match Your Furniture

Using paint colors that don’t match your dining room furniture can create a conflicting appearance. To select the most suitable one, start by identifying some of the most conspicuous objects in the space. These can include dining tables, sideboards, counter stools, armchairs, and console tables.

After that, identify about three shade options that could match with these objects. You can also get color strips from a paint shop and contrast them with your fittings to get a rough idea of their appearance against each other.

If most of your furniture has dull colors such as black or dark brown, consider lighter shades to brighten the room. Alternatively, if they are vibrant, you may opt for soft ones like blue, green, and white.

3. Determine if You Want a Traditional or Modern Look

Your home dining room may have a traditional or contemporary feel based on the paint color selected. Hues such as lime green and tangerine orange are bold and thus create a modern look.

More paint shades that you may use for a less-traditional aesthetic are:

  • Canary yellow
  • Teal
  • Fire-engine Red

Another color that you can paint in the dining room for a modern feel is matte black. However, avoid overusing this shade as it can dull the room and diminish the power of contrast.

If you want to achieve a traditional look, it’s essential to opt for classic paint colors. Such may include light blue, tan, gray, and deep red.

Selecting the perfect shade to set a traditional or modern look may be challenging without professional help. You have to consider the type of furniture you have and the desired aesthetic while ensuring it doesn’t conflict with the rest of the house.

Luckily, consulting with various experts can help you make an informed choice. Some of the experts you can contact for dining room ideas are painting professionals, interior designers, and color stylists.

4. Go For a Color That Creates Harmony

If you have an open plan dining area that connects with the living room or kitchen, ensure that you select a paint color that blends the two regions. Still, it’s advisable to avoid using the same shade because it can create a monotonous look.

The best way to produce a pleasing visual combination is flow-through painting. This involves using a consistent paint color on all walls to create a cohesive appearance.

Other than that, harmonize the rooms by using the same shade of white on the trims. This way, you make the spaces appear connected even if you vary the color used on the walls. White edges will also reduce the disparities between the two areas and make it easy to contrast bright and soft shades.

Another way to create flow in an open dining room design is by matching the wall paint with objects in another room. These may include furniture, curtains, wall décor, and window treatment. Using similar colors will create a subtle link between the spaces while giving each room a unique feel.

5. Complement the Architectural Design

When wondering how to select the best dining room colors, consider those that highlight the architectural design. For instance, use light shades like cream, white, beige, or grey to make your arched doorway more noticeable.

Alternatively, if you have an inbuilt bookcase, paint it dark colors such as black or brown. You may then apply a neutral shade on the walls and other fittings to create contrast.

Complementing the window frames by using a different shade from the one on the walls is ideal for creating an exciting look in your dining room. This painting design will also add detail to the space without compromising the key theme.

6. Consider the Ceiling

Selecting the wrong paint color for your dining room ceiling will make it hard to achieve the desired look and feel. Before painting your walls and fittings, determine which shade you want on this surface.

When looking to achieve a warm and dramatic look, go for contrasting colors like red and white. You can also opt for matching shades to create a calm and welcoming environment.

If you have a large chandelier on your ceiling wall, you should pick a paint color that complements or enhances its appearance. For instance, if it’s golden, use a neutral color to bring more attention to the fitting.

Spruce up Your Home With the Best Dining Room Paint Color

After determining the most suitable dining room paint color, you will need a professional to help you transform the space. At Florida Painting Company, we offer professional services to help you create the ideal mood using the right paint shade.

Our experts will prepare the room beforehand to achieve a smooth and even appearance after application. Contact us today for reliable painting services.

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