What Are the Best Colors for an Accent Wall?

Best Accent Wall Colors

Did you know that certain colors can affect how you feel? This is known as color psychology. Many people consider it before they add colors to their homes.

But what are the best colors for an accent wall? What color will make your home’s interior pop? What color should you pick if you want that wall to be a focal point?

Keep reading and learn more about your options with these accent wall ideas.

Black Accent Wall

Black is not a common wall color and it isn’t ideal for whole rooms. But it works very well for accent walls. Suppose you have a room that is all white except for one black accent wall.

This shade is ideal for making a statement. It is also ideal for making your furniture appear more prominent. Many people often don’t pay attention to furniture because it blends in with the colors of the rest of the room.

But if you want to make sure that your furniture gets more attention, paint one of your walls black. The black wall will create a striking surface against which everything that is lighter than it will stand out. This is great if most of your furniture is white or lightly colored.

A black accent wall is also something that you don’t see very often. This makes it more attractive since it is uncommon. People will be impressed once they see this unique pop of color in your home.

It is also very easy to style black with everything. This is because black is a neutral shade. It easily goes with other neutral shades like white, gray, and beige.

The Details

The shade also goes well with very bright colors such as red, green, and yellow. The possibilities are endless with a black accent wall. You can also partially hide the black wall if you think that the whole wall is too bold.

Put up some curtains or paintings to obscure a fraction of the wall. This allows some of the black to peek through, but not all of it. This softens the strength of the shade and ensures that your room doesn’t appear too dark.

It also still has the same effect of framing everything in the room. It is also very easy to paint a wall black since it is a very strong pigment. There shouldn’t be any need to paint over the wall several times to get the desired result.

Dark Blue Accent Wall

Dark blue is one of the most popular trending paint colors at the moment. But why dark blue instead of any other shade of blue? Dark blue is a very cool and intellectual color.

Many people like to use this shade in their offices as it helps with concentration. It also helps promote calmness and stability. But this color also works well in other rooms.

It is a great choice for a large living room. It draws attention without being too bold like black. It also similarly frames the room like black, but to a lesser extent.

This is a great choice if most of your furniture is lighter than dark blue. It will make them stand out and be more noticeable. Another benefit of dark blue is that it is very neutral without being a truly neutral color.

It is a very appealing shade for rental properties. You will often find that apartments and rental homes use this shade to add a splash of color to the environment. This is a good color to choose if you plan on renting out your space.

It makes a statement without being too obvious. It also matches well with a variety of other colors.

Red Accent Wall

A red accent wall is best if you want to make a bold statement. Your accent wall doesn’t have to be fire-engine red either. You could also go with a darker, scarlet shade.

Red is always a very striking color no matter where you put it. Red is an energetic and powerful color according to color psychology. It is best to put it in a room where you want to add more energy.

This makes it ideal for the living room and kitchen. Red also makes people feel hungry. This is why many restaurants use red for their logos and restaurants.

Putting red in the dining room will help entice your appetite and the appetite of your guests. This color is also associated with fire which makes any room you put it in feel much warmer.

You can also paint a fraction of the accent wall red if you think painting it all red would be too bold.

Green Accent Wall

A green accent wall is perfect if you want to bring more calming energy into your home. Green is perceived as a calm shade because it is associated with nature. This is great for bedrooms, offices, and living rooms.

A green accent wall doesn’t make as much of a statement as the other options. It instead blends smoothly into the environment. You can make it stand out more by placing plants around the room.

The Best Colors for an Accent Wall

There are many colors for an accent wall that you can choose. Black and red are ideal for making a bold statement. Black can also help frame your furniture.

Dark blue and green are best if you want to make your room feel cooler and more collected. Any color you choose will have a significant effect on how your home feels. To learn more about painting your home, check out our services.

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