When Is The Best Time To Paint Your House?

When is best time to paint your house

There comes a time in many homeowners’ life when they notice what once used to be their shiny new home, has become quite the outwardly dull residence. What used to be a beautiful paint job on your house, starts chipping and peeling in the most unattractive of ways, and you know something needs to be done.

If this doesn’t sound familiar to you as a homeowner, perhaps you’re one of those individuals that own a house and are bored with the current look of your home. And rather than put your house on the market and look for another one, you’re thinking about what you can do to spice up your residence.

Regardless of what brought you to the conclusion, you realize that your home is in need of a paint job. However, you aren’t quite sure of the perfect time to paint it.

Well, thankfully you have us to help you. Keep reading and find out the best time to paint your house.

The Weather Is Key

Weather conditions play such an important role when it comes to painting your house’s exterior. A majority of other experts would agree with us when we say that it’s pretty much a nightmare to paint in the rain, in extreme heat, or in windy conditions. (It’s also not the best idea to paint when it’s too cold, but we’re talking South Florida here so how often do we have to worry about that.)

All these conditions make it difficult for the paint on the outside of a house to dry or make the actual application of paint on a house complicated, to say the least. What this means, is that there is such thing as a perfect day for painting.

Now in many parts of the country, the perfect day for painting is around early summer and early fall. Usually, in other states, the weather isn’t offering too much precipitation, and the temperatures are ideal as they are between 50 and 90 degrees.

However again, we are in Florida. Early summer and early autumn happen to fall during the Atlantic hurricane season. Essentially, we have to pay closer attention to windy and wet conditions.

On the upside to living in “The Sunshine State,” is our nice temperatures extends beyond early summer and early fall. In the Miami area specifically, the average high in winter is about 74 degrees and the low is about 67 degrees. Additionally, the winter months locally only average four days of rain.

So Exactly When Is the Best Time to Paint Your House in This Area?

In all honesty, the best time to paint your house is any time when the temperature is between 50 and 90 degrees, and the forecast is looking pretty clear, feel free to go ahead with painting plans. Be sure the weather is not only nice on the planned day of painting, but in the days that follow as well to allow for optimal drying time.

Be sure to contact our team so we can get started on reinventing your home’s exterior.

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