11 Beautiful Bathroom Paint Colors for Your Home

Bathroom Paint Colors for Your Home

Did you know the color of a room impacts how we feel?

That’s crucial in the bathroom, where most of us want to spend our time in an inviting and relaxing space. Unfortunately, if you’re tired of your old choice or you want to cover outdated past decor, the last thing you’ll want to do is unwind in your tub.

The right bathroom paint can brighten the space and add a refined touch to your existing layout. From perennial favorites to the newest trends, we’ve narrowed down the 11 most beautiful paint colors to splash across your bathroom wall.

1. Creamy White

A longtime favorite among bathroom paint colors, a subtle creamy white carries warm undertones that help it stand out more than a true white without losing its clean, crisp look. Pairing it with warm fixtures can add sophistication to the space—and the ultimate benefit is that white goes with any existing decor you already have at home.

2. Refreshing Hunter Green

This deep green is great for sunny rooms with lots of natural light, but it also works well in bathrooms with fixtures that give off bluer light.

Hunter green can range from slightly brighter shades approaching sage to hues with more neutral greys. Traditionally, this serene choice pairs well with other natural colors, so it’s a good option if you have natural wood washstands or cabinets.

3. Soothing Taupe

Taupe remains a huge trend this year, and many designers are opting for it over classic white. As far as bathroom colors go, taupe comes in a range of shades. Heavy grey undertones offer a modern touch, but warmer neutral options can actually boost the value of your home. Pair taupe with white or wooden fixtures for an easy color complement.

4. Ethereal Sky Blue

If you’re searching for good bathroom paint colors, it’s hard to stray far from classic sky blue. Many homeowners lean toward aquatic colors in their bathrooms, chasing the feeling of ocean tides or crystal clear streams, making blue a great pick.

Pale blues have been shown to give off tranquil vibes, so it’s perfect for anyone looking for a beach- or spa-themed bathroom. For a more neutral palette, you can also opt for a greyer, dusty base for a cooler undertone.

5. Timeless Light Gray

This modern trend is a perfect way to set off classic accents or to be a little bolder in your choice of fixtures and accessories. With the right styling, this true neutral color can create a warm and cozy atmosphere, and it’s a crisp way to tie an entire room together.

6. Modern Charcoal

Charcoal is one of the best bathroom colors for anyone seeking a more modern take on their bathroom redecoration. You’ll want to choose wisely, of course, as this deep hue can darken rooms with fewer light fixtures or less natural sunlight. However, in the right setting, charcoal is versatile enough to complement any accents with a clean finish.

7. Playful Coral

Add some whimsy to your bathroom with a playful shade of coral! You can opt for lighter variations for a softer, understated vibe or bolder varieties for sharper color. Burnt coral in particular gives off a warmer look, and it pairs well with gold or bronze accents as well as brown cabinets.

8. Sunny Yellow

This cheery option is one of the best bathroom paint colors if you want a subtle mood pick-me-up every time you enter the room. It plays well with any warm undertones in the room, like granite countertops with hints of pink, and it also looks chic next to classic white cabinets.

You can stray toward deeper shades with mustards and even golds, or you can stay with brighter dandelion hues. Whatever you decide, it’s a great way to add a pop of color to a room that’s often damp and dark.

9. Classic Chocolate Brown

Another great way to pick up earthy tones in the room, chocolate brown is a soothing neutral that can be used to set off the bolder accent colors in your room. Don’t forget, there’s a reason browns are classic color choices in spas! With the right metallic accents, it can be both luxurious and relaxing.

10. Bright Lavender

Along with lighter blues, lavender tends to help us relax and unwind. Though lavender traditionally carries a hint of blue, you’ll find options with either warm or cool undertones depending on your choice in paint. And as the name suggests, it’s a great way to play with flowery accents and subtle natural patterns.

11. Deep Navy Blue

Bolder colors can offer a lot of drama, and this blue brings an unexpected contrast to your white cabinetry and washbasins. Pair it with warm-colored gold or copper fixtures for an added touch of luxury to your decor. Just as with the hunter green and charcoal above, however, you’ll want to consider your room’s lighting before opting for this shade.

Make the Most of Your Bathroom Paint

If you’re considering a new paint job, it might seem like painting a bathroom is just like painting any other room you’ve tackled. However, maneuvering around your bathroom fixtures can be deceptively tricky. There are many reasons to hire a professional—and one of them is ensuring it’s done right the first time!

Do yourself a favor, and make the most of your beautiful new bathroom paint by calling us in as backup. We’d love to help!

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